Navigating Natural Health Doesn't Have to Be Hard

3 Simple Snack Swaps

Swap Fruit Snacks for Real Fruit


Swap Snack Crackers for Popcorn

Swap Energy Bars for Nuts


Did you know that fruit snacks contain artificial colors and dyes?  Snack crackers contain autolyzed yeast?  Energy bars contain partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening?  Do any of those ingredients sound like something you would find in nature?  They don't to me!  Many of these things are lab-created ingredients.  Do we really know what effect these ingredients have on our bodies?
  Something that all of these swaps have in common, is that it swaps out something that is processed for something in its natural form.   A whole food is a food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives and other artificial substances.  It is simple to avoid bad ingredients by making healthier food choices.  I will be sharing more simple steps like this that you can take to start you and your family's journey toward wellness.


Finding Your Way 

Requires you to make a change, but here are some tips to help make the path easier

Any time you make a change, you don't want it to be difficult or the change will not stick.
1.  Make it simple.
2.  No complicated routine.
3.  Not a lot of concentrated thought.
4.  Something that you can incorporate into daily activities, like going to the grocery store.
5.  While it may require a slightly new behavior, it shouldn't be multiple steps or it won't stick.

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